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Ombar Superfood Chocolate

Organic, Raw and made from the finest quality Ecuadorian cocoa beans for a rich, deep and complex flavour. Ombar take pleasure in adding as much good, healthy and natural ingredients into their superfood chocolate bars as possible. The award winning Goji Berry, Probiotic Coconut and Probiotic Dark 72% chocolate bars have all received a 2012 gold star award for their great taste ( Ombar works closely with SKS Farms in Ecuador. SKS support sustainability programs where the cocoa is grown and are partnered with small-scale farmers, ensuring they are paid fairly for their hard work.

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What Makes Ombar Superfood Chocolate So Special

If you think that superfoods can only be found in your supermarket's produce aisle, then think again. Nestling next to the gummy bears and strawberry laces you will find dark chocolate which now qualifies as a superfood.

Studies have shown that dark chocolate is good for you, in fact one bar of dark chocolate every day can help lower blood pressure as well as lowering LDL cholesterol (the bad cholesterol) by around 10%. However, the clever people responsible for Ombar Superfood Chocolate have gone a whole lot further in order to deliver a prize winning chocolate bar that is truly second to none.

Ombar In The Raw

Cocoa is natural product rich in healthy nutrients and polyphenols. A well-known health benefit associated with raw cocoa is its remarkable antioxidant capacity. This is a result of the high polyphenol content of raw cocoa. Polyphenols are heat-sensitive and largely destroyed in the traditional chocolate-making process which involves roasting.

From harvesting and throughout the chocolate making process the cocoa used in Ombar Chocolate does not reach temperatures that would start cooking the beans. This would destroy the nutrients and polyphenols that nature packed into the cocoa bean to begin with. The result is a flavour packed, nutrient rich, antioxidant chocolate bar that’s good for you.

  • Raw Cocoa: Ombar’s partners in Ecuador produce organic cocoa ingredients without roasting the cocoa beans. This means that more of the good stuff remains intact within Ombar Chocolate bars. 
  • Good For The Heart: A small bar of organic dark chocolate, like Ombar Superfood Chocolate, taken every day can help maintain a healthy heart and cardiovascular system.
  • Lower Blood Pressure: Consuming a small bar of dark chocolate every day can reduce high blood pressure.
  • Reduce LDL Cholesterol: Dark chocolate has been shown to reduce LDL cholesterol (Low-Density Lipoproteins) by up to 10%. Overly high LDLs pose a major cardiovascular risk


Consuming foods and supplements rich in antioxidants is believed to be an effective way to neutralise free radicals. According to the free-radical theory of aging, organisms age because of accumulated oxidative cell damage caused by free radicals. Antioxidants help protect our body against free radical damage and age-related disease. Ombar Chocolate is rich in antioxidants which explain why it’s a superfood.


The word probiotic stems from two Greek words, pro meaning "promoting", and biotic meaning "life." Probiotics are living microorganisms and bacteria which improve the health of our gut and intestines.

Most people think all bacteria are bad, indeed, antibiotics and antibacterial products were created with the sole aim of killing bacteria. So why would you want to consume a chocolate bar, or any other kind of food or supplement for that matter, that contained live bacteria?

Our gut, intestine and colon have their own ecosystem. When balanced, this ecosystem is teeming with beneficial bacteria and micro flora that work to keep your immune system strong and protect against sickness and disease.

Ombar Probiotic Chocolate

The probiotic strain used in Ombar’s Probiotic Chocolate is bifidobacterium lactis.  Bifidobacterium lactis is one of the safest, most beneficial and best researched probiotics. It has many nutritional components that aid digestion and help fight off damage caused by bad bacteria. As well as being used in Ombar Probiotic Chocolate, Bifidobacterium lactis is commonly added to dairy products such as probiotic yogurt.

Are Probiotics Safe?

It is very rare that Probiotics cause any serious side effects. According to the University Health Services at Berkeley University the following probiotics have been deemed safe for those who are in general good health:

  • Lactobacillus
  • Bifidobacterium
  • Saccharomyces boulardi

Note: It is strongly recommended that anyone suffering from compromised immune system, the young and the elderly, should seek professional advice from their doctor before using any kind of probiotic.

Ombar chocolate isn’t the best antioxidant you could buy, neither is it the best probiotic you could buy, but when the you fancy a little treat it is without doubt the best chocolate you could buy.